Independents Day Relaunch with New Project

Originally launched on May 17, 2001, the 10th anniversary of the WWW, Independents Day was born to raise awareness of the independent web.

Welcome to ID3 : ReBirth version!

Latest project launched?

{Project 1210}: 'Human Rights for ALL' was launched! Find out how they see, say and support it ... and contribute too!

ID3 : ReBirth version is live and well

Phase III completed November 28, 2003 was initiated by Carole Guevin, ID co-founder.

ID3 relaunch and sitewide redesign brought to you by a thinking design and creative code duo: pxl>table ...

Here are some of our new goals ...

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ID x_phase?

Find out what ... happened in the past couple of years since first launch. What is INDEPENDENTS DAY? Read the original manifesto ,,,

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