'Human rights for all' project is about meshing words and images from the independent community to commemorate the International Human Rights Day.

Launch: December 10, 2003 - GMT 0

The Artists + Designers + Photographers _ #1

Using their talents to render and communicate visually, this is how they see it.


Download the design template + read guidelines.

Project 1210 template

Carole Guevin

“The tagline is one of the strongest statement issued 57 years ago and is, (even) more than ever, acutely relevent in our tulmulteous times. As shows in my design, my studio chair is the symbol of 'security' which is something millions (billions?) of people are deprived of.

Let's reach out, boldly speak up and activate awareness so that necessary changes, can start to happen.”

netdiver ...

Poster by Carole Guevin

Adriana de Barros

“I used a sketch of a hand that I drew some time ago for an illustration and adapted it to this purpose...which is about “Connection.” It is kind of metaphorical for connecting online/to others, or connecting with other cultures/races — a connection without prejudice or racial discrimination. It is about our freedom, and our world. Everyone united in one globe is what really makes it different — unique.”

scene 360 ...

Poster by Adriana de Barros

Rex Advincula + Joyce Tai

“We used the international symbols as a way to represent the words. These symbols are universal where everyone can understand what it means. We believe there should be human rights for all human being, whether they are man, woman, gay, lesbian, young and old. Everyone is entitled to their freedom wherever they come from.”

inksurge ...

Poster by Inksurge

Patrick Boyer

“A contrast to make us think, mixing tanks (an obvious icon of war and counter activist movements) to personify hope through the use of rainbow colors (equality). The idea of tanks came from the memorable image of the Tiananmen Square protests. The second element of the poster is a logo like character using similar themes of the united nations and elements of hope through one eye "to see the injustice and promising future" and the heart "to feel the need for human rights and equality". It is this icon and feeling that has stopped the tanks and altered their purpose. ”

urbancowboy ...

Poster by Patrick Boyer

Johanna Guevara

“Human rights - simple - you're born with it ... period. But this is not true to many individuals around the world, including ones in our own backyards. Many people, like myself, have to leave our homeland to acquire these rights, even then, the new land still has its own flaws. The baby looking up is use to symbolize hope, faith, rebirth, a positive view of the future that we can all enjoy together - no matter where you are born, no matter where you are, no matter where you are going.”

7ONE8 ...

Poster by Johanna Guevara

Julien Grandclement

“Joie et souffrance se confondent dans un visage placardé... oubliée, usée, maltraitée par un quotidien aux intérêts unilatéraux, cette affiche illustre ce que nos principes fondamentaux deviennent, souvent malgré nous. Ils s’altèrent, se compliquent ou se mêlent, se déchirent, ignorés un temps... Et comme ce visage, à la souffrance constatée, notre conscience crée l’ambiguïté en nous suggérant un sentiment de joie, celui que représente notre conscience, clairement plus individuelle que collective.” ...

Poster by Julien Grandclement

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Project 1210:
'Human Rights for ALL'

Independent content producers lending their freedom to speak to those who can't in a concerted way, on a concerted issue, in a concerted time and space.

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