'Human rights for all' project is about meshing words and images from the independent community to commemorate the International Human Rights Day.

Launch: December 10, 2003 - GMT 0

The Supporters _ #7

Their words of support is helping generate awareness of Project 1210 and / or rally their audience into participating. Wanna help?


monovolume banner

“10.12.2003 17:36
Participem do Projeto 12-10 Direitos humanos para todos.

Hi, my name is Daniel Santiago and I would like to say that you have total support of the monovolume and team in this campaign! :o)”

monovolume ...


selfmedikation banner

“Other Remedies: - human rights for All”

selfmedikation ...

Pedro Mendes

“Direitos Humanos para Todos

“Os direitos humanos são o que nos torna humanos. São os princípios pelos quais criamos o santuário da dignidade humana.”

O projecto 'Direitos Humanos para Todos' ou Projecto 1210 visa juntar palavras e imagens da comunidade independente, com o objectivo de comemorar o Dia Internacional dos Direitos Humanos. Mais uma excelente iniciativa do”

link ...

Core 77

core77 banner

“Yes, we're a little late, but Core77 supports Project 12-10, which commemorates International Human Rights day. Independents Day is a 'worldwide project celebrating independent content and design on the web' and their 12-10 project is now a permanent exhibit. The posters are quite nice. ”

core77 ...

Shawn O'Keefe

solab banner

“Read it and weep/read it and rejoice. Adopted by un general assembly resolution 217A (III) on december 10, 1948: universal declaration of human rights.”

The man behind sxsw interactive awards.

[so-lab] ...

Simona Schmid

motype banner

“ {Project 1210} 'Human Rights for All'
** it!**”

motype ...

tiho banner

“The equal and anelienable rights of all members of the human family is the foundation of freedom, justice and peace in the world.

Instead of holding your hands in front of your eyes, you should better raise your hands and fight for the rights of us all. there is still intolerance and war all over the planet. if any of us would participate in any kind of way, we could change world once more for our own good... I would like to feature my website to the HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, which is the 10th of December 2003, and offer you information all about the HUMAN RIGHTS by listing those links beneath. Please take your time to visit some of the websites, it is everybody's business. Thank you.” ...

Idro51 Media Lab

idro51 banner

“P1210 logo / Media Lab / Italy”

link ...

Jorge Melo

jorge melo banner

“P1210 logo / cv-online / Portugal”

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clunkrecords banner

“INDEPENDANCEDAY: (AA) 1210 Human Rights for all!”

clunkrecords ...

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Project 1210:
'Human Rights for ALL'

Independent content producers lending their freedom to speak to those who can't in a concerted way, on a concerted issue, in a concerted time and space.